Episode 4 – RIP Alex Chilton

26 Mar

Hard to get on track with this thing. As a UNCC student in his junior year, life is hectic to say the last. But here is the fourth episode, and I will absolutely get the fifth episode up this weekend.

Mar 20 2010

Still working on getting the podcast up in the iTunes directory, which has been a lot harder this time around.

Cool news: working on getting an official logo for the podcast. I asked my friend Nate, who’s a web designer, to take a crack at a logo, and he surprised me with a few different ones. I’ve been wrestling between the one on the sidebar and this one:

(leaning towards this one)

Nate’s website can be found at http://www.varloodesign.com/

Okay. So in this episode we start out with a new track from Scotland-based Frightened Rabbit, who just released The Winter of Mixed Drinks, the follow-up to their acclaimed 2008 album The Midnight Organ Fight. The song is “The Loneliness and the Scream.” Stream the album and/or buy it here.

Not tired quite yet of playing music from countries that start with the letter “S,” I then play Swedish artist Jens Lekman’s fantastic song “Happy Birthday, Dear Friend Lisa,” from his 2004 debut When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog. If you haven’t been listening to Jens Lekman, start now. Don’t resist his delectable pop melodies for one second longer.

Since my podcast was recorded on the first day of spring, I bid farewell to winter with The Dodo’s “Winter,” from their excellent 2008 album Visiter. Listen to this off-the-hook album now.

Then I play “Ruin My Day,”  a track from film composer/record producer/all-around kick-ass musician Jon Brion’s 2001 pop album Meaningless. The album’s now out of print, but I highly recommend getting your hands on it.

No Random Guy Track Review this week (lack of preparedness on my part), so I end the episode with a 2-song tribute (“In the Streets” and “The Ballad of El Goodo,” both from Big Star’s debut #1 Record) to Alex Chilton, who passed away recently on March 17. Big Star’s music has had a significant role in my musical growth, and I can only imagine how much their music will continue to influence others in the future.

R.I.P. Alex


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