The future of Nothing Delivered (and why you should read it)

19 Oct


When I created this blog a few years ago, its primary purpose was to supplement my indie music podcast of the same name. The podcast itself’s purpose was simple: to introduce listeners to music they may not know about already.

I thought this would be easy. When I was younger, I used to “host” radio shows in my room, mimicking the casual coolness I’d heard from DJs on the FM stations. Not content with simply speaking into thin air, I’d document it all by recording these shows on cassette tapes (music and commercials included) and listen back later. In my mind, podcasting was the grown-up, more legitimate version of this old pastime. It would come naturally to me, just as it had when I was younger.

Only it didn’t come naturally at all. I felt a general sense of unease growing with every installment I made. The episodes consisted mostly of music, but I spent the majority of production time recording and re-recording the short transitional segments in which I would discuss the songs and artists. I can barely stand to listen to these segments now; they seem forced and overworked, which they are. Where was the composure I used to have in my childhood bedroom all those years ago? And why had it abandoned me now?

I assured myself that creating a good radio persona takes time. And I may have been right. But I wasn’t enjoying podcasting enough to test that theory out, so I stopped.

Looking back, I think a big part of my unease came from presenting myself as some kind of indie rock expert, which I wasn’t.¬†But I kept the blog because I love writing and I love music and I love reading writing about music. I also liked the name. I thought one day, when I had a bit more time and a lot more expertise, I could come back to the blog and try some writing myself.

But here’s the thing: I’m not an expert of anything and never will be. This is mainly because 1) I’m not focused enough and 2) I don’t have any desire to be focused enough. Like most people, I enjoy dabbling. I wouldn’t want to be tied down to only writing about music because sometimes I know I would want to write about television instead. Or film. Or literature. Or whatever.

My solution: to give this blog a makeover and use it to write about whatever media I want to write about. It will give me a chance to cut my teeth on writing about pop culture and maybe even help me enjoy it a little more. I can’t pretend I know everything there is to know about any of the subjects on this blog, but I can attempt to provide a genuine representation of the thoughts and feelings of someone who cares deeply about them.

So why should you read it? Well, the blog will ideally fall somewhere between an entertaining document of my personal relationship with pop culture and, as it has been since the beginning, a useful place to discover media you may not already be aware of.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, thanks for giving me a chance. The little DJ boy who speaks into the microphone of his boombox is pleased to finally have a listener.


One Response to “The future of Nothing Delivered (and why you should read it)”

  1. boricuagringo October 24, 2012 at 12:40 pm #

    Always eager to read your take on pop culture items that pique your interest and prompt you to write. Plus, you gotta love Bob Mould!

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