Christmas Can Be Cool – Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

4 Dec


Okay, so the first Rankin-Bass Christmas special is not the best one – that honor goes to Santa Claus Is Coming to Town – but it’s coming on TV tonight and it’s on my mind. A brief history of Rudolph: first came the story in 1939, then the song in 1949, and finally the special in 1964. By my estimation, the special is currently the most prevalent of the three (there’s a story?!), and I suspect it will remain that way. Why? For starters, the stop-motion animation is a joy to watch. It fascinated me as a kid and it fascinates me now. What is it about this flawed, herky-jerky process that remains so appealing? It helps evoke a special, somewhat indefinable, almost otherworldly quality only the best animated features possess. Second, the abominable snowman is terrifying and will always be terrifying. He’s so terrifying that even when he becomes civilized, he’s still terrifying. Third, it has Burl Ives as a talking narrator snowman. Burl Ives as a talking. Narrator. Snowman. I rest my case.


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