Christmas Can Be Cool – “All I Want for Christmas Is You”

11 Dec

Christmas is a time when we can throw caution to the wind. A time when we don’t have to be rational. We can cast aside worry and be joyful without reservation – or even reason.

Christmas is a time when we can unabashedly and unironically love a Mariah Carey song.

If “All I Want for Christmas Is You” were a new 2012 release, would I still love it? I don’t know how to answer that question. Although I like to think I’m not a cynical person, there’s a very real possibility I would see it as a shallow, soulless exemplification of crass Christmas commercialism. But my past selves still reside in some special place within me, and while they’ve willingly allowed me to let go of so many embarrassing former obsessions, my six year-old self, who listens to this song with his mom in her minivan often (sometimes in the middle of August), demands I recognize its greatness. He refuses to let me consider it objectively. The best I can do on the critical thinking front is halfheartedly suggest that this song really isn’t that far off from those on Phil Spector’s Christmas album, but I don’t really expect anyone to buy that argument. Suffice it to say that this song strikes some deep, indefinable chord with me, and I love it more than I can say. You can’t fault me for that, can you? It’s Christmas!


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