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Christmas Can Be Cool – “If Christmas Can’t Bring You Home”

12 Dec

Reigning Sound is a garage rock band out of Asheville, NC that’s been churning out consistently excellent albums for a decade now to little fanfare. Their secret weapon: frontman Greg Cartwright’s impressive songwriting chops. He knows how to evoke real emotion with understated lyrics and simple melodies; like the best song writers, he makes it look easy. “If Christmas Can’t Bring You Home” is one of their best offerings. The band grooves in a loose and boozy fashion, lead guitar wailing mournfully, as Cartwright tries to make amends for his past mistakes with an ex. What makes it all so effective is Cartwright’s humility-filled lyrics (“I feel guilty for the things I’ve done”) paired with the fuzzy, bruised, tired-sounding instrumentation. It’s the sound of resignation.