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Christmas Can Be Cool – Low’s Christmas

17 Dec

I took some time today to look back on all that I’ve written for this series so far, and it seems pretty obvious that I love sad Christmas entertainment the most. Why? I’m not entirely sure. As some sort of halfhearted attempt at an answer, I submit Low’s 1999 Christmas EP. Here is a band that understands Christmas is a holiday as deserving of silent (and somewhat fearful) reverence as it is cheer and goodwill. Even if you don’t subscribe to the Christian faith (the members of Low do), it’s hard not to feel the sheer power of the Christmas story when it’s presented in an effective manner. “If You Were Born Today (Song for Little Baby Jesus),” with its barely-strummed guitar, almost unbearably slow tempo, and beautiful hushed voices, is the kind of song to make hair stand on the end of one’s neck, believers and non-believers alike. And the best track on the album isn’t even a religious one – it’s the cover of “Blue Christmas,” which, when it arrives at its wistful guitar solo, makes me think of the last call at a lonely bar on Christmas Eve. This is a lovely, strange, and honestly kind of creepy album, but then again, Christmas is a little lovely, strange and kind of creepy.