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Christmas Can Be Cool – “It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop”

15 Dec

(Guess I’ll just go ahead and double/triple up today.)

Scotland’s Frightened Rabbit is an indie rock band with a penchant for writing emotionally raw, tuneful, guitar-driven songs. “It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop” is one of their finest showcases, a song that begins softly with finger-picked acoustic guitar and piano, eventually building to an exhilarating climax of pounding drums, electric guitar, and even a choir. Along the way, it offers a bittersweet truth: Christmas gives us a reason once a year to be cheerful and kind, but it’s all fleeting and maybe even a little fake. With an aching desperation conveyed through lyrics like “Once you’re tucked in bed / you’ll hold onto the day for the last few seconds,” the song perfectly captures the false hope that maybe that good feeling will stick this year.┬áBut then December 26 rolls around, and life has gone back to its past self.