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Christmas Can Be Cool – Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

20 Dec

(Apologies for missing the last two days–Christmas parties, work, and a new dog have all conspired against this blog. I’ll catch up.)


A simple story of a Macy’s department store Santa claiming to be the real thing, Miracle on 34th Street is a movie I’ve always loved, but taken on a new respect for in the past couple years. The reason is the following line: “Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to.” No, that is not a particularly profound or novel thought, especially for a Christmas movie. But what’s admirable about Miracle is how, when it comes to faith, it plays by its own rules, never giving us conclusive proof that it protagonist actually is Santa Claus. A movie like The Santa Clause will offer similar themes, but they never really function as they should because the film itself gives its viewers all the evidence they need of Santa’s existence. What is faith without doubt? In Miracle on 34th Street, we must struggle along with the characters. Is it possible this is just a kindly old delusional man? Yes. But maybe he’s Santa Claus, too. I believe in the Santa Claus of Miracle on 34th Street more than I believe in the Santa Clause of The Santa Clause. Why? Because the film respects its audience enough to allow them not to believe in him, too.